Client Testimonials

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It's been a fantastic 30 days, it's mainly been ups but there were a few downs but Phill was on hand to assure me that having downs will not stop my progress.

The small changes have actually worked massively for me, from being active for maybe 1 day a week to now being active for 5, but the biggest change has been in my nutrition, I use to eat what I craved and whatever I wanted.

Now I have a good understanding what my body needs to function and train properly as well as still enjoying the food I like but in moderation.

Altogether this has changed how I feel about myself and I'm no longer feeling tired and lethargic after a days work or enjoying days out.

I can't thank Phill enough for helping me achieve my 30 day goal and looking for to hitting my 60 and 90 day goals with Phill by my side.

For anyone looking to make a change to themselves or their life style Phill is the guy you need.

Craig Ludlow

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I started working with Phill three months ago as I had a tough trail half marathon booked and I knew I needed to make some improvements to my running.

The training plan Phill put together was tailored to my existing condition and the specific race I had booked.

It was a combination of running sessions and strength work, and evolved over the weeks as we got nearer the race.

We had regular catch up sessions where Phill would review my progress and answer questions. He also made ad-hoc changes to the training plan where he saw fit.

I completed the half and finished 9th male and 4th in my age group which I was really chuffed with. I wouldn't have been anywhere near that if I hadn't worked with Phill.

Highly recommended, and wouldn't hesitate to use Phill again for my next challenge

Dan Allison

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This first 60 days has been an incredible journey, the weight loss has been amazing. I haven't been this light for 10+ years. I feel so much lighter and able to do everyday task with ease, work has also been physically easier.

Working with Phill has continued to amaze me, not only has it given me structure to my training.

This biggest difference has been that he challenges the way I look at things, not only exercise but on all aspects of life.

Food - why, what, when is that the best choice but remember to enjoy what you eat.

Mindset - being positive and making building base for long term changes to get thing I wish to

accomplish done. This is from sporting event to DIY at home.

Advice on difference events, but being honest if they are achievable or not. Phill has completed several events of varying distances over a number of years so have personal experiences that he can draw on, which is brilliant.

Support - when injured not allowing me to beat myself up and teaching me to channel the energy into other aspects of life.

Really has been a privilege the last 60 days, nothing is or has been too much Phill is always at the end of the phone

Lee Ludlow

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Great work from my client who worked with me on my 90 day programme, focusing on nutrition and training.

Total loss over the 90 days was 10kg, losing 6cm from his chest, 6cm from waist and 8cm from hips, which are indicators of losing body fat.

Whilst there was a focus on nutrition to lose weight, there was a balance of still being able to enjoy the foods he likes and being able to socialise.


Review of the first 90 days below


Top 10 wins - looking back over the 90 days list out your top 10 wins

Lost weight

Started to develop improved core strength

Returned to regular and consistent running

Played regular football, cricket, tennis and golf without injury

Felt more positive and healthy

Slept better


What went well during the 90 days?

Consistent approach and application to both diet and exercise

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I have worked with Phill for nine months now, after this latest 90 days of working with Phill I realise the importance of discipline to achieve results.

Regular chats with Phill challenge my thinking and keep me focussed on a positive future.

Long term injuries are being addressed through tailored strength sessions. Phill has introduced a variety of run sessions from time-trials, intervals, tempo, strides and Brutal training to ensure I never get bored of running.

My orienteering has improved and I had an excellent weekend away in Leeds at the British sprint orienteering championships.

I also became a parkrun tourist and achieved a parkrun PB at Exmouth.

Cameron Lamond

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Its been a amazing and enjoyable first 30 days.

The drop in weight has made life in general easier just getting about, moving in and out of cars at work. It also means I can now pick from a full wardrobe again.

The enjoyment has returned for training, not only the running but happy to do the circuit work aswell which in recent years has been a major issue.


I'm much better equipped to have a more improved and balanced diet, to look at what I'm eating and if there are other choices that have better nutritional value which is guiding me towards long term changes.


An improvement in mindset to challenge myself, to get training done even after a tough day at work. We all have have bad days or challenging moments but a deep breath and "this to shall pass" with time.


I'm looking forward to see what I can achieve with your expertise and knowledge of the full 90 days! You've got me believing an Iron-man might not just be a pipe dream!

Lee Ludlow

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If you are looking for a running coach I cannot recommend Phill Young enough. All Phill's coaching can be done virtually so it doesn't matter where you live.


Despite running with a bruised kneecap I still achieved a 21 min marathon PB at the Brighton marathon last Sunday.


I would not have done this without Phill's plan and coaching. Phill sets the runs/paces in an App and comments on every run as well as scheduled phone calls and replying to WhatsApp messages.


He also helps with strength and mobility workouts.


I would not hesitate in recommending him and will be back for my next PB.


Thanks Phill.

Lyn Taylor

First ever marathon completed in 3hrs 25mins finishing 5th in my age category. Race went exactly to plan hitting my target pace of 4.50 per km on the nose!

Great to do it with all the boys who also ran brilliantly and raised £1,500 for @cardiacriskintheyoung

Felt comfortable and no “wall” hit… this is all due to my coach @phillyoungcoaching who made sure I was in the best possible place from the training plan, nutrition & mental side! He really is top!!

Chris Mack

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Before working with Phill I was struggling with lack of motivation to exercise, poor nutrition and poor mental wellbeing.

Phill has helped me reset this by providing structured running and strength & conditioning plans, information and guidance on nutrition, and introduced me to journaling to improve my mindset. Phill has you tracking all of this on a daily basis so he can offer advice after a weekly check-in.

Phill’s coaching has seen me lose 5kg in weight, resulting in a loss across total body of 18cm/7 inches. I have run two sub-22 minute 5K races in the last month knocking 7 minutes off where I was at the start of last year.

For anyone considering working with Phill I would say,

his friendly, non-judgemental manner and structured

approach to coaching will deliver sustainable results for you.

The biggest benefit of working with Phill has been family, work colleagues and friends remarking how I now look and also how calmer and more confident I am. With these results I am now set up for the year ahead. Just what I wanted.

Cameron Lamond

In recent years I had been in a bit of limbo - some days I would not be happy with my weight and others I'd get a spurt of motivation and want to do something about it but fizzle out after a day or two.

Working with Phill helped with my routine, nutrition targets and mindset nudges helped keep me on track and accountable throughout.

Aside from the physical benefits of weight loss / body fat reduction it has significantly helped me mentally - not just feeling more positive but feeling more in control. Phill has helped with my confidence and pushed me to push myself with things such as attending track and hill sessions for my running.

These had been on my radar but the confidence was not there before. He had also given me confidence to do weight / resistance exercises at home, providing me with a to do list!

Aside from the direct benefits above, Phill is very easy to work with. No question was to small or silly and he has a good wealth of knowledge that he is happy to pass on! Phill is very friendly and it was nice having a fortnightly call which felt more like chatting to a friend.

If you are like me and rock between wanting to do something about your health and fitness and other days feeling quite passive about it give Phill a shout, I am very glad I dug deep and took that step

Losing nearly 8kg and a total of 21cm's, getting stronger and running PB's at parkrun and 10k distance.

Jon Anker

Jon Anker.jpg

I started working with Phill to lose weight that I had steadily gained over the last 6 to 7 years. 

I had made attempts to lose it on my own but never managed to get the results or make the lasting changes I wanted.

I never really understood the importance of following a structured workout plan alongside a balanced diet to make small changes and create new habits which all lead to lasting change.

A big benefit of working with Phill is the accountability to do what I said I would, turn up to planned sessions and keep on track. 

This is something that I’ve never had previously and it has really helped me put in the commitment and effort to reach my goals. 

In addition to the weight I’ve lost, I feel more energetic and focused in other areas of my life and I’ve rediscovered clothes I haven’t worn for years! All amazing bonuses from the work we have put in together.

If you are thinking of making a change to your health and wellbeing through weight loss get in touch with Phill, he will help you achieve more than you ever thought possible.

Rachel Booth

Healthy Body, Healthy Mind

Working with Phill has provided me so many benefits, from his excellent nutritional advice that has me eating healthier through to a challenging and focused training programme he has helped me achieve amazing results, my weight has significantly reduced and I am fitter than I have been for some time.

Phill’s style is great, he pushes you but also helps you think about what and why you are doing this!

I’m so pleased with the physical results but as important is the way I feel about myself.

I’d Highly recommend anyone looking for a friendly and knowledgeable trainer to get in touch with Phill, you won’t regret it!

Adrian Somerville

Claire Moodie pic.jpeg

Marathon training plan with Phill Young

I've known Phill for a few years now from running club and then his own business. 

I was lucky to get a place for London 2020 but obviously postponed, when time came around to start training for 2021, I had some new health issues and as a nurse completing my MSc I didn't have time or the head space to organise myself and thought a coach would be useful. 

Phill put together a 12 week individual plan that fit in with my life. Phill not only gives you the running plan but also provides nutrition advice and positive mindset techniques. 

Phill doesn't just give you a plan for your money, he works to make sure the plan fits, he often moved and adjusted my schedule to fit how I was progressing, you get fortnightly check in calls which you can ask anything, go over any issues etc. 

Although I didn't manage to finish my marathon injury free I felt confident in my plan and the alternative goals, I was able to pace myself well, take nutrition and fluids correctly and most importantly I had the best time and was still smiling going across the finish line, all of which was a direct result from Phills coaching

Claire Moodie

I decided to sign up to a running program in Jan 2021 with Phill , mainly for a focus during the winter lockdown.  I then broke my elbow so this had to be delayed until March 2021 and I decided to focus on improving my 5K time.

The plan is hard work but if you are willing to put the commitment in Phill will match this commitment 100 percent.  

I improved my 5K time by around 2 mins in the 3 months and achieved my fastest 5K and 10K times since 2018. But it's not just about the results.  

I have learnt so much more. Phill has taught me about pre and post run nutrition. My sleep has improved. I now know how to do intervals safely and understand about tempo and progression runs. 

As an older runner Phill instilled confidence in me that you can still improve whatever your age.

Phill is excellent value for money as he prepares a bespoke plan tailored to the individual.  He is always available for advice and gives feedback on every run via a coaching App.  He will go out of his way to resolve any issues.  For example he researched why my new chest strap wasn't working and sorted this out.

Phill is very professional and accessible. He is an excellent coach with so much knowledge and credibility.  He will push you when you need it and review niggles and injuries along the way.  

I would not hesitate in recommending him.

Lyn Taylor


Absolutely made up with the coaching I’ve had from Phill, who’s been my remote running coach since the beginning of October.

From early in 2019 I’d been running consistently a couple times a week, mainly a 5k and a 10k, with the view to running a couple 1/2 marathon’s during the first lockdown, but to be honest it was becoming a little monotonous doing the same thing each week. 

With the lack of someone pushing me, I only managed the one 1/2 marathon, and that was a pretty lackluster effort to say the least. 

In October I decided I needed some help to reach my goal of setting a new 1/2 marathon p.b. in 3 months' time and found Phill through another coaching program I’m involved with. 

After a professional online consultation, I was keen to get started. 

With a detailed plan from Phill, including instructional videos, weekly live FaceTime calls to catch up on my progress, and three bespoke training sessions each week tailored around my busy working week designed towards achieving my end goal… well they say the proof is in the pudding. 

And on the 10th of January, I ran the Torbay 1/2 marathon route, set a new p.b. of 1:38:20, and better still knocking a massive 5m:05s off my last time! 

I really can’t thank Phill enough for his expertise, professionalism, and him holding me dangerously accountable & keeping me on track. I now have a new 10km p.b. goal in sight, and with the results achieved, I’ll 100% be using Phill to help me reach my new running goal. 

Thank you mate, still buzzing!

Oli Pitts

It's been just over a year since I decided to get a running coach and I can honestly say working with Phill has been to best decision I've ever made in terms of my training!

It took me a long while to decide to get a coach as I'm pretty single minded, stubborn and generally don't like being told what to do, but I knew I had reached a plateau and I knew I wasn't training affectively so I reached out to Phill.

It's a big deal picking a coach, especially when they set every run for you.

For me I had to be sure of these three things

1) do they have credibility? Well Phill is ridiculously quick and competes at a high level and definitely knows his stuff

2) do I trust them? This of course builds over time and is a learning curve on both sides. Working out preferences and routine etc and you have to be willing for some trial and error. But Phill see's all my runs and all my data online, so I am confident what he is telling is 100% factually accurate.

3) are they there for you when it counts? This is 100% the most beneficial thing of having a coach, they are there to keep you accountable, on track and if needed adjust your programme/plan based on anything life throws at you.

For anyone that wants to succeed at running, get a coach! It will be a very worthwhile investment. 

And I can very much endorse Phill Young Coaching!

James Sackley


I’ve taken part in Phill’s online circuits and HIIT classes for about 9 months now. I have also taken part in a couple of his group programmes.

I can’t say enough what a difference taking part has made to my view and understanding on fitness and most importantly my enjoyment of it.

Having only just focused on running before, the classes made me realise that running alone wasn’t just cutting it if it was weight loss, toning and strength I was looking for too.

Through the classes I have met and got to know a lovely bunch of people, who bring laughs and encouragement to one another. The classes are relaxed but focused.

When it comes time to exercise everyone is committed to doing them and Phill is great at talking you through the exercises and avidly watches everyone and encourages everyone throughout the exercises.

The classes are simple to join and effective and definitely fun. You feel you have had a good workout always.

I can’t recommend Phill enough for the way he coaches and the passionate and committed person he is.

Sam Kingston

Phill is brilliant.

My husband and I have used Phill's services twice so far and intend to continue in the future as well.

If you are looking for an all round 'holistic' approach to improving your fitness which takes account of mental health and other wellbeing factors too then we can't recommend Phill enough.

Phill is especially good with running coaching and suggesting new ideas for training to help you improve.

Jo Oliver

I first got in touch with Phill at the beginning of lockdown 1, as I wanted some help with my running. 

With most of the 2020 OCR races cancelled, it was a perfect opportunity to focus on that aspect of my training. 

Phill set up a personalised remote coaching program for me based on my needs and goals. 

Communication is fantastic, with regular catch ups, very quick to reply to emails and messages, in addition to feedback on each individual session, which is invaluable. 

Phill is also flexible, meaning that training can be tweaked and altered if needed. 

The only races that I was able to do this year were the UK Obstacle Sport Federation Time Trials. Phill adapted my training for short course running, and with his help I was able to qualify and finish 3rd female overall at the UKOSF Short Course Southern Time Trials finals. 

I feel that in the last few months working with Phill I have not just improved my running, but also learned so much. I now have a more comprehensive understanding of all the different elements of running. 

I would highly recommend Phill and look forward to working with him to learn and experience more.

Encarni Cascales

I have been working with Phill for over a year in one form or another and he has always provided a well thought through program.

He lives by what he teaches and wants to share the benefits that he has discovered to allow anyone to reach their goals.

His approach is to create habits which will allow you to live your best life and to reach your goals.

My goals changed as I worked with Phill because I started to understand the bigger picture better.

I would encourage anyone in whatever shape you are in, with whatever goals you have to have a chat with Phill to see what his approach would be and what you two could achieve together.

Kim Van Der Westhuizen-Schneider